Signs Of Developmental Delay

When babies are born into the world, it’s a happy time for everybody present in the room because there’s something so special about the process of childbirth and the cry of a newborn child. When children are born, most parents do not anticipate the worst and instead they cherish each and every moment they have with their child. However, some kids turn out with delays in their development and it is usually seen in many babies and while some babies catch up and reach their milestones after a certain age, other babies stay the same and even regress in their developmental delays.If you’re somebody who is seeing developmental signs in your child or if you just want to be safe and educated on this topic before your baby arrives, the information that we have listed below will definitely help you and once they are older you can subject them to tests such as dyslexia assessment test to find out if there is anything wrong with them.

Motor Skills

There will come a time when babies start to experience lots more motor skills and they start exploring a lot of movements by kicking their arms and their legs up in the air and making lots of movements in general so your child could be experiencing motor skills developmental delay if they are not starting to experience these movements like a normal full term baby would. Conducting an adhd assessment or testing for any other developmental disabilities will definitely help diagnose the baby at this point. One of the major milestones that babies reach with regards to their motor skills is that they turn on their sides on their own and learning how to turn takes quite some time but usually around five or six months, your baby will start attempting to roll over on to his side. If your baby is only doing limited movement by this time, you should keep a closer look on the baby.

Language Skills

Babies usually start mumbling and trying to talk at a certain age so if your baby is not doing so, you might need to keep a closer eye and once they grow to be between eighteen months and two years. During the above mentioned time period, you should definitely wait to hear the first dada or mama but if that doesn’t happen, you might need to get a professional assessment. Getting a professional opinion is always best so the best thing for your baby is just that. Book an appointment and go see the doctors so you can find a diagnosis if there is one.