How To Treat And Prevent Chronic Back Pain

A lot of people are constantly dealing with back pain and it’s becoming a more common medical case nowadays. Back pain may be caused by a lot of reasons and it is important that we seek adequate help from licensed professionals when dealing with this type of health problem.

What are the common causes of back pain?

There are a lot of factors that causes back pain and it can range from mild, moderate to severe. Poor posture, untreated injuries, constant lifting of heavy objects and sitting in chairs with poor lumbar support can also trigger back pains and make us feel uncomfortable.

In severe cases, some people experience extreme pain making them dependent on high dosage of painkillers which may cause long term side effects on their liver and kidneys. Go here  for more information about remedial massage. 

How do we manage or treat back pain?

There are several ways to manage back pain without spending too much money. One of the most popular remedies would be deep tissue massage Surry Hills which can be done for a couple of sessions on a per week basis. A professional massage therapist can apply different methods or techniques depending on the severity of the case. If you are experiencing chronic pain and would like to work on improving your overall body posture then this kind of therapeutic treatment would provide good results.

Another method that provides focus on tired and sore back muscles is by undergoing multiple sports massage sessions. In some cases, it may involve acupuncture treatments which is also recommended for treating other types of pain such as neck, shoulder, leg, arm and other type injuries that are sports related.

Regular exercise through weight lifting and stretching are also considered to be a big help in terms of pain management. It would be wise to consult with a licensed Physical Therapist before you begin to work on a specific type of exercise regimen. He can work with a fitness trainer to design a program specific to your needs and body type. Aside from that, back pain can also be caused by being overweight, try losing a couple of excess pounds through exercise and you would notice that you will start feeling better after a couple of months.